About Ground EFX

Ground EFX Metal Detectors

The Ground EFX™ family of metal detectors features the Swarm Series™ and Cyclone™ Youth models that highlight advanced, yet simple-to-use technology.

Metal detectors that lead you to more treasure and less junk.

All units are adjustable to fit the comforts of any user and include submersible coils.

The Swarm Series™ of digital metal detectors offers incredible signal strength, durability and the ability to let you know what is below the surface before digging. The elimination modes and discriminating metal categories allows for more efficiency when locating targets. Both the MX100 and MX200 come standard with an easy to use backlit interface visible in any situation, HD audio tones, a headphone jack and other unique features. In addition, the Swarm Series™ MX200 includes GEO-X™ GPS Technology that permits saving and locating targets easily. Both models accept eight (8) AA batteries.

The Ground EFX™ Cyclone™ Youth Metal Detector is durable and designed to stand up to the rigors of child operation. Unwanted items can be filtered through a simple eliminator control. Features include a visual target indicator, battery tester and varying volume levels dependent on signal strength. The Cyclone™ Youth accepts two (2) 9V batteries.

Ground EFX is a Plano Synergy Holdings, Inc. brand

Our foundation is built on a dream and a passion for the outdoors. As a newly created family of high performance outdoor brands, Plano Synergy embodies over 150 combined years of industry experience, values and product quality all thanks to each one of its founders.

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Our brands include Ameristep, Avian-X, Barnett Crossbows, Caboodles, Creative Options, Evolved, Flextone, Frabill, GroundEFX, Halo Optics, Plano Molding, Wildgame Innovations and Zink Calls with hundreds of products made in the United States. With this desire and strive for excellence instilled in the minds of the innovators behind our products, the possibilities for our future are endless.

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